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Toe Problems: Claw, Mallet and Hammer Toes

mallet-isabelle-grosjeanWhoever decided on names for toe problems didn't have to spend much time. We're talking about the “toe torture trio”: claw toes, hammer toes and mallet toes. These conditions are even more ugly and painful than they sound.

We don’t want to embarrass anybody with foot and toe problems. Far from it. We know foot pain (in any form) can take your mobility and freedom away. Bunions, claw toes, Plantar Fasciitis can really make each step torture.

Too Much Time in Shoes

Invasive surgery. Injections. Pharmaceuticals. These are last minute attempts at damage control treatment (not to mention, very expensive and risky). Claw, hammer and mallet toes come from the same thing: too much time in shoes. Connective tissue in toes shorten and stiffen when squashed in shoes; they have no option but to curl up, contract and finally overlap. A long visit from the “toe torture trio” will distort the foot, throwing the rest of the body off.

A quick synopsis:

  • Hammer toe – abnormal bending of the middle joint, usually on the toe next to your big toe.

  • Mallet toe – similar bending, but affected area is joint closest to the toe's nail.

  • Claw toe – often this condition takes place in the four small toes at the same time. What's different is that contraction takes place in BOTH the middle and end joints (closest to nail).

The quicker you start treating your toes with TLC, the better. The “toe torture trio” isn't permanent. Toes can definitely un- ”curl”. But, the longer they're left contracted, the chances of any treatment “uncurling” them diminishes (due to things like calcifications).

An Amazing Engineering “Feet”

Our feet are SUPREMELY important. Let's repeat that: Feet are SUPREMELY important. Yes, these body parts are down at the end of the line (out of sight, out of mind). But, consider this: feet carry and balance all your weight – making fine adjustments for each step you take. They're nothing short of incredible. If yours have become rebellious, second-class citizens, it's just a normal and predictable response to an unhappy home life.

Flat feet or its opposite – high arches – predispose people to foot and toe deformities. For example, those who over or under pronate are more likely to get bunions and bunionettes. But, it is not their certain destiny to get these conditions! People might have to work a little bit harder, but it's better than expensive and risky damage control.




YogaToes and Preventative Foot Care

To prevent the “toe torture trio”, you have to be good to your feet – and if anybody deserves it, they do. Preventative health starts with exercise and conditioning. Feet are no different than the rest of the body. But because they are down there at the end of the line, they don't get invited to the party.

A great way to condition and exercise your feet is to use YogaToes®. Its patented design fits around each toe – stretching them apart and away from the balls of your feet. Using YogaToes® daily keep your feet happy and ready-to-rock. The “toe torture trio” will stop looking to you for their sadistic pleasure.

Yes, YogaToes® fight nasty foot and toe problems. Yes, YogaToes® are great for preventative foot health. But, what's most important? YogaToes make your feet feel incredible! Reviews from our customers speak for themselves. And the therapeutic effect of YogaToes® has even been studied by a Henry Ford Hospital neurologist.

You can have stronger and more beautiful feet today. It's easy. Experience what thousands of people have been raving about. The pain and “ailments” that clear up after wearing YogaToes has even astounded us.





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