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People around the world are discovering YogaToes®. Fans in Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro... now swear by them. It’s simple: YogaToes® make it easy to have beautiful, healthy feet. All you do is put them on; YogaToes® work while you relax. An instant vacation any time you want! 

The best part? YogaToes® help prevent and treat a long list of foot conditions. There are hundreds of positive reviews out there. Chronic foot pain stopped. Hammer toes “un-nailed” (nudge, nudge). Even bunion surgeries that were called off.

In Germany, YogaToes® are called the “high-heel workout” (Grazia Magazine). Our fans in France use YogaToes® for “bien-être des pieds” (foot wellbeing). The Aussie pop singer Sia wears YogaToes® between shows. The secret is out. People love YogaToes®!




How YogaToes® Work

Doctor recommended YogaToes® work by stretching and exercising toes (and by extension, the whole foot!). The ergonomic design of YogaToes® fits between, above, and beneath toes — gently spreading them apart from each other as well as away from the balls of feet. It's the same conditioning feet get when going barefoot. And all you have to do is put YogaToes® on. Our toe separators do the work while you relax :)


Affordable International Shipping 

Healthier, pain-free feet are just a click away for both U.S. and international customers. YogaPro.com offers economical shipping* to most markets. Check out our FAQ on Shipping for more info. 


YogaHands® — The Perfect Sister Product to YogaToes®

YogaHands® are a revolutionary way to get relaxing hand therapy in minutes. By providing a simple and excellent stretch, YogaHands® relax fingers and revitalize achy hands. Now, anybody can fight back against arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and hand cramps that result from too much activity.

We created YogaHands® with the same design genius that has made YogaToes® toe straighteners a global success. Our hands fight a wholly different battle than our feet. It’s important to realize how small (but repeated) motions like texting and using a mouse can cause chronic pain and long-term damage. Few of us take the time to stretch and relax our hands during the workday. Luckily, YogaHands® are now here!

YogaToes® and YogaHands® are great on their own, but together, they make for an incredible pain fighting duo. Your hands and feet are so vital in life, yet they get scant attention. Changing this is important and now it's so easy.





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