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Fan Stories Shared: Bunions, Claw Toes and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment



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Why fans love YogaToes®

YogaToes® make feet feel incredible. Plain and simple. All you need to do is put them on, YogaToes® work while you relax. It's an instant trip to the spa!

YogaToes® toe stretchers make feet feel great and look better, too. Common sense yoga principles are helping you fight a very long list of gnarly foot problems. Call it preventative treatment, call it therapy, call it what you will. Feet become beautiful and stronger with YogaToes®Fans just call that awesome... 

The breakthrough design of YogaToes® strengthens the entire foot - toes, arch, heel and ankle - so no condition can get a toe-hold. YogaToes® also do wonders if you have an existing foot problem. Incredible stories come in all the time: Bunions undone. Claw toes vanished. Foot pain and Plantar Fasciitis that's been knocked out in just weeks... It's no wonder more and more doctors recommend YogaToes®.

Almost every daily activity requires pain-free walking. Your mobility and independence can never take a back seat. It's obvious. And a pebble in your shoe makes that perfectly clear.

YogaToes® are your next step towards healthier feet.






Rave reviews just keep comin' in

From the pop singer Sia Furler to nurses in community hospitals to the Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers... Everyone loves YogaToes®!

"Just wanted to let you know that as soon as the YogaToes were delivered, they were on my feet... After just one hour, I could not believe how good my feet felt. I have a Tailor's Bunion and pain in the balls of my feet. I was afraid I had nothing to look forward to except orthotics and possible surgery... The YogaToes are wonderful. It appears that they are relieving the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome, too." [Sue, Convention Hostess]

"I love my YogaToes! And love my athletes using them too!" [Sue Falsone, Athletic Trainer]

"I've been using YogaToes for a couple weeks and cannot believe the difference! I've had foot problems for years including claw toes, burning toes, and aching arches. I finally am getting relief from these problems and now barely think about my feet. My husband started wearing YogaToes too and already is noticing a difference in his feet. Hoping to completely heal my feet by constant wearing. I usually use them morning, noon, and night." [Janet, Retired Teacher] 

"I love YogaToes because I'm on my feet all day recording vocals and walking the streets of New York. When I get home all I want to do is put my YogaToes on, watch tv, and tune out." - [Sia Furler, Singer/Songwriter] 

"Just wanted to say that, now that I have my YogaToes, I've no idea how I ever lived without them. Using them after long runs helps my feet and legs recover so much faster -- not only am I usually able to put in another hard run the next day, my times are faster because my legs feel fresher. I use YogaToes to great effect after long days in high heels, of course, but I think it's even more interesting that I've been seeing such a huge difference in my running as a result. Thank You!!!" [Stephanie, Runner] 

"YogaToes WORK. I've been using them for 5 wks. & the improvement not only in my hammer toe but both my feet is unbelievable. I wish I had ordered them sooner... YogaToes deserves a medal of honor." [Anne Wilson, Nurse]

"I'm a cocktail server in Vegas. I have numerous foot problems. And YogaToes definitely make a difference - not only with bunion pain but they're actually great Plantar Fasciitis treatment. I am feeling new circulation where neuroma is present. Thanks for such an awesome product!!!" [Regina, Waitress]


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 Across America and around the world, people love YogaToes®.

And you will too. Guaranteed!









The BIG details... YogaToes® are:


Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

Created from Soft and Flexible Medical Grade Gel

Available in 3 Sizes for Proper Fit

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 






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