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The Life Threatening Foot Condition Everyone Ignores

There’s a killer in your shoes. Its name is Bad Balance.

One misstep could be *the* last. It was for Dr. Robert Atkins, the author Dave Freeman, actor David Culp, and 1000's more. They all left us from injuries sustained in a "simple" fall. When you're old, the mortality rate from complications from just a broken hip are staggering.

Already at 25, your balance is declining. At 25, hello! Your balance is *not* guaranteed". You gotta want it and *work* for it.


NEWS FLASH: Toes and feet are the front lines of balance... Legs generate power. And your toes and feet direct it! Refining, balancing, stabilizing.

In 2017, 3 out of 4 Americans *still*—tragically—live with foot conditions or shoe-caused deformities. Like bunions, hammer toes, claw toes, or pained and inflamed feet (e.g. Plantar Fasciitis). They're hijacking your stability and balance… and that's too close to home.

For those 3 out of 4 people, bad balance isn't an “if” scenario. It's a “when” reality. And you know you wanna keep walking, working, enjoying... Right? That means you, prevention, pro-action, and YogaToes® are new best friends. You're taking your feet *seriously*. A beautiful thing.

Exercise and stretch your feet often—yes, regular like breathing. It will change your life. Guaranteed.


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