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People around the world love YogaToes®. In Germany, YogaToes® are called the “high-heel workout” (Grazia Magazine). The French use YogaToes® for “bien-être des pieds”. And the Aussie pop singer Sia wears YogaToes® between shows. World class! 


Extraordinary Medical Breakthrough

Patented YogaToes® prevent and treat an incredibly long list of foot conditions. The positive reviews pour in, year after year. Chronic foot pain kicked to the curb. Claw toes “de-clawed”. Bunion surgeries called off! Read the hundreds of shared experiences HERE. Some of the most incredible breakthroughs are simple (think penicillin) and right under our feet!






What YogaToes® Do

Doctor Recommended YogaToes® exercise, strengthen, and relax the whole foot: toes, arches, mid-foot, Plantar Fascia. YogaToes® can fix feet fast. And it doesn’t stop there. Because feet are your power base, the benefits continue up through your whole body!

YogaToes® rebuild and maintain fully functioning feet so the body can work as a whole again. Fully functioning feet make a huge difference in your overall health and enjoyment of life. So basic and so revolutionary!


How Patented YogaToes® Work

YogaToes® fits between, above, and beneath toes—gently spreading them apart from each other, away from the balls of feet, AND down from the top. Only patented YogaToes® put the right forces in the right places to transform feet. It’s all the incredible goodness of barefoot walking… with your feet up!

YogaToes® are exactly like personal yoga instructors for feet. Stretch, strengthen, and relax! Get your feet up. Get YogaToes® on!


International Shipping. Easy! Fast! 

It’s just one click for our U.S. or international customers. Hassle-free & immediate shipping to many countries*. Check out Shipping FAQ





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*International First Class may take up to 3 weeks, depending on country Customs. Additional Duty fees may apply upon delivery. Visit USPS.com for more details.

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