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Yogi gurus, sports stars, stay-at-home dads, police officers, nurses, pop singers... all love YogaToes®. Because YogaToes® work! They make your feet feel incredible.  

YogaToes® fans love sharing their stories! As much as we love hearing them. Their testimonials are amazing: bunion surgeries called off, hammer toes uncurled, and chronic pain kicked to the curb. YogaToes® work! Natural, safe, and effective.

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I am a Reflexologist in Fargo, ND and incorporate Yoga Toes into each treatment with my clients. The overwhelming response is "they are so relaxing!" I cannot imagine my Reflexology practice without using them. I personally use them while in the bath tub... GLORIOUS!

-Tanya B., Fargo, ND



I wanted to tell you how much my YogaToes have helped my Achilles Tendons....In two days I started being able to tell a difference...Now the only thing that bothers me is a tenderness in my left heal from calcium deposits....The swelling that had been there for 3 years is almost completely gone...I couldn't believe that they would work so well. My cousin told me about them... Her husband had bunions and other foot problems. He was ready to give in and have surgery... Like me, orthotics hadn't helped him... Now he is pain free.

-M. Denney, Lee's Summit, Missouri

I recently slipped on my wood stairs breaking my big toe. While the break was bad, I believe that it would have been worse if I hadn't been using my Yoga Toes regularly. The bones stayed in alignment after the break making treatment more successful, and my other toes were spared due to the flexibility I built up from using the product. Not only do the Yoga Toes sooth my feet, they give me healthy feet.

-Rachel Roberts

I received the YogaToes and they are ready for the Spring Salute Silent Auction on March 26th. Thank you again! I continue to see improvement with my big toe that has been very enlarged for the past three years, or more. It's getting close to looking like the one on my left foot. I am so excited. I found it necessary to see my podiatrist last Monday ( I stepped on a piece of glass) and I showed him my toe, again. YogaToes is definitely not a friend of the Podiatrist. Although mine is terrific, he had suggested surgery which I do not need thanks to YogaToes. 


Just wanted to say that, now that I have my YogaToes, I've no idea how I ever lived without them. Using them after long runs helps my feet and legs recover so much faster -- not only am I usually able to put in another hard run the next day, my times are faster because my legs feel fresher. I use YogaToes to great effect after long days in high heels, of course, but I think it's even more interesting that I've been seeing such a huge difference in my running as a result. Thank you! 

-Stephanie, runner

I received my Yoga Toes 2 nights ago, and I am absolutely amazed with how much better my feet already feel. I wore my Yoga Toes the first night for about 45 minutes (I know it said to start at 15, but they felt so good I had to leave them on longer). Well, I went running (about 3 miles) the next day and my feet felt fabulous. Usually I stop once or twice during my run to adjust the tightness of my shoelaces because my feet cramp up, I didn't have to do that this time. After only 1 day! When I finished my run it felt like I was standing on cushions, I could feel all the muscles in my feet, and I could even wiggle all my toes in my shoe. I had no idea how bad my feet really were, now that they feel so good! I wore them after my run and it was very relaxing. I will definitely continue to use them and I can't wait to see what the long term results will be like (I have a minor Tailor's Bunion on my left foot). I only wish I hadn't waited so long to buy them in the first place! Thanks!!! 

-Robyn, runner

YogaToes have truly augmented my active lifestyle. For years, since running high school track, I suffered from having flat feet. The pain I experienced in my feet after practice and events was growing to be intolerable. In 2001 I began to use Yoga Toes to increase the level of flexibility and healthy circulation in my feet. By doing so, accompanied with several exercises Yoga Pro gave me to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of my feet, I no longer needed to wear arch supporting shoe inserts. For me, wearing inserts had been an everyday thing. Now? My feet are strong enough to support their arches. Yoga Pro truly helped me. 

-Andre Bell, trainer

I am wearing my YogaToes right now after a 57.5 mile, 7,000' bicycle training ride up in the Santa Monica mountains. In fact, slipping into my YogaToes is now a ritual and comes right after my post-workout shower! Having used your fine product now for over a year, it would be hard to calculate their positive impact upon my subtle and physical anatomy. It is yogic truth that 'brittle feet equals unhealthy organs,' and even I began to doubt my capacity to ever attain the highly sought after "yogic toe spread" after so many decades of cramming my feet into rock climbing shoes, ski boots, running shoes, etc. Yet, due to the ergonomic affect of your amazing product, my entire stance and walking and running gait has been sublimely affected...not to mention a deepening fitness of my energy lines. I find Yoga Toes to be absolutely essential for ALL endurance athletes, of vital importance to any fitness warrior, a secret weapon for skill athletes like sport climbers, golfers, and ball players, and for yogis, well, yogis should LIVE in them!" 

-Coach Ilg, author of The World's Fittest Human

I wanted to thank you for the gift of YogaToes prior to our Furnace Creek 508 bicycle race. My God those things made a HUGE difference the night before the race! During my second leg, when my whole body was in a high level of pain as we were all experiencing the limits of endurance racing, I realized that for the FIRST time in my athletic career I was getting "piece of mind" and comfort radiating out of my feet. This was a very strange sensation to me. Usually in such hammer fests, the feet are screaming from abuse. Not this time. My toes felt so "open" and my platforms so strong yet relaxed. I began focusing on my feet and this truly opened up my whole body; I remained calm yet attacked. When I got the bike that night, our team was 45 minutes behind the leaders. When I got done with my 57 miles, I had regained the 45 minutes and then put us out in front by another 7 minutes - thanks for the YogaToes baby! They rock even by warrior RJ standards! I highly recommend them to all that dare to have an open mind-and open toes!"

-Ron Jones, MS, ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor







I was very skeptical about Yoga Toes for awhile. After using the coupon code from Lucky Magazine and knowing there was a money back guarantee I decided to go for it. They arrived just two days after I placed my order and I tried them immediately. I forced myself to wear them for a full hour the first time and the next day I could definitely FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Yoga Toes WORK!!! Compared to other foot braces or slings I'd tried for my bunion Yoga Toes is the only product that has help relieve the aching pain from being on my feet all day. It doesn't reduce bunions but relieves the aches and knots in my foot. I wear them daily hoping it will permanently reduce the pain. I've owned the product for about a month now and if anyone is feeling at all skeptical about this product I would definitely recommend TRYING IT!!!!!



My feet started to hurt after years of wearing high heels. I inherited low arches (thanks Dad) and as a result, even flat shoes pain me after long walks in NYC. I purchased YogaToes after surfing the web and looking for a yoga mat--it seemed like the right answer. I found a coupon code online and purchased one pair of YogaToes. I plan to buy a set for my parents. I wear them when I'm surfing the net on my laptop or relaxing at home. A great product! I figured I didn't have anything to lose with the Money Back Guarantee -- though I'm keeping mine!



For over thirty years, the pain in my feet was excruciating after a long day. I've had orthotics three times with no real improvement. I've consulted orthopedists, physical therapists and exercise physiologists, nobody had any helpful suggestions. I debated trying YogaToes, but then after reading the Testimonials and knowing about the Moneyback Guarantee, I decided to give them a try. They arrived four days ago and I've been using them three times a day for about 15 minutes each time. These past days have been 12 hour days and I can honestly say that my feet haven't felt this good in thirty years! I've had almost no pain to speak of, this is a close to a miracle as I ever expected. I've recommened them to my sister and my daughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm feeling such a sense of relief.  






I wanted you to know how very happy I am with my wonderful new YogaToes! As a dancer, YogaToes really help my feet after pointe class and regular technique class. I had surgery on my feet years ago to remove bunions, and now more than ever it is essential to take extra precautions to keep my feet strong and healthy. YogaToes do just that! They relax the muscles in my feet and help the toes return to proper alignment. I have been highly recommending YogaToes to my fellow dancers and to my ballet students.I cannot say enough about your superior quality of customer service! I am so grateful that you offer and back your Money Back Guarantee. The size of YogaToes I purchased in the past from a dance catalog was way too large for my foot and because of that, did not work well for me. I contacted the YogaToes company and they offered to exchange the pair I had for the smaller size. I received my new pair in under a week and returned the medium pair with a free mailing label they provided. What a difference! The new pair of YogaToes is absolutely AMAZING! The proper fit has made all the difference.I also very pleased that this wonderful product is made in the USA!Aubrey, it has been a pleasure working with you on this exchange issue. I have been so impressed your professionalism and with your commitment to outstanding customer service.Thank you very much for everything you have done. This has truly been a blessing to me.

-Leia Hamlyn


Thanks so much for recommending the Aloe Spray! Man, it works like a charm! I had worn my YogaToes for awhile...and then last week suddenly my "bunion" got all swollen and it hurt to walk....I put on my trusty YogaToes and by the next day the swelling had gone down and by day 2 the pain was totally gone!!! I am now dedicated to using them every day. My mother loves hers and thinks they really help with her circulation. Thanks again for turning us all on to the joys of foot comfort....


I love your Yogatoes. I have been using them since May and my feet are so much better. I suffer from bunionettes and some days my feet just ached by the end of the day. Since I have been using the Yogotoes I have had no foot pain. They are so comfortable to use and so easy. I would recomend them to anyone who has any kind of foot pain.

-The Yoga Chick


I am a 30 year old teacher and I am on my feet a lot. By the end of a long day of teaching, my feet ached. My baby toes always hid beneath my other toes, and in the last few years I have developed a painful bunion on my right foot as well as serious sensitivity in the ball of my foot. I was seriously considering surgery when my yoga teacher mentioned YogaToes. I decided to try them. I am so glad that I did! In less than a week I am noticing less pain in my right foot and my baby toes have come out of hiding! I now can wear all the cute shoes that previously caused such pain in those sensitive areas. As an added bonus, the spider veins that were appearing on my legs are slowly vanishing! I love the results! Thank you YogaToes!


I bought YogaToes because I thought they'd be good for bunion treatment. I've had one on my left foot all my life. Before I learned about YogaToes, I wondered if anything would help it. I was really impressed with the shipping time, my YogaToes came very quickly, and I used them for about 15 mins the first day I got them. Honestly, they did hurt the first 3 or 4 times I wore them, but my feet immediately felt different, even after just the first time wearing them. It's been about a month now, I use them every night, and they're so comfortable now. It's a great way to relax and and I've noticed my feet looking a lot healthier. My bunion is also correcting itself and doesn't hurt hardly at all, which I'm super excited about. I would, and do, recommend YogaToes to anyone, it's a foot-saver, for sure!


I will say first that I was VERY skeptical, but I was also quite desperate. Years of high heel wearing had started to give me the beginning of bunions and a lot pain on the balls of my feet. My Dr said there was nothing to do, but wear flats. Yuck. Within 5 days of using Yogatoes, my feet actually really, honestly, truly do feel better. I wear them when I am on the computer or watching TV, so it's easy. I have started power walking again and can enjoy high heels. Thank you Yogatoes! You can quote me on it!!



I received my Yoga Toes 2 nights ago, and I am absolutely amazed with how much better my feet already feel. I wore my yoga toes the first night for about 45 minutes (I know it said to start at 15, but they felt so good I had to leave them on longer). Well, I went running (about 3 miles) the next day and my feet felt fabulous. Usually I stop once or twice during my run to adjust the tightness of my shoelaces because my feet cramp up, I didn't have to do that this time. After only 1 day! When I finished my run it felt like I was standing on cushions, I could feel all the muscles in my feet, and I could even wiggle all my toes in my shoe. I had no idea how bad my feet really were, now that they feel so good! I wore them after my run and it was very relaxing. I will definitely continue to use them and I can't wait to see what the long term results will be like (I have a minor tailor's bunion on my left foot). I only wish I hadn't waited so long to buy them in the first place! Thanks!!!



I recently bought a pair of yoga toes. At first, like the others have said, they are a bit uncomfortable. I've been building up the time I wear them. I have noticed that I have less foot/toe problems. Before, I had a bunionectomy and surgery on both big toes. Wearing high heels would cause pain at the ball of the foot by the end of the day. Now, I don't have such sore feet! As far as walking in them, they tell you specifically to NOT walk with these on. I think it was well worth the price. Plus, if you look at some of the magazines, like SELF, you'll see an ad in the back and a coupon for a discount!



I ordered yoga toes hoping to get rid of my bunion that has embarrassed me for my whole life. They're working! I have always been self conscious of my feet and now I walk around in flip-flops whenever possible. I wear yoga toes whenever I can and love the way they feel. Thanks for such a great product!



Dear Yoga Toes, I developed painful bunions on my feet at a very young age. My mother has bunions and unfortunately I was genetically doomed to have them too. I am a singer so I have to wear heels for extended periods of time in auditions and performances. My bunions have always made this very difficult. In addition to the pain, I found that I had trouble maintaining my balance, and this was very distracting when I was supposed to be concentrating on my performance. I started wearing Yoga Toes last year for an hour every night before bed. I have significantly less pain, and I can finally stand and walk in heels without feeling like I'll topple over. Thank you Yoga Toes for helping me focus on singing instead of my wobbly legs!


Before Yoga Toes, my feet ached all the time! I had bunions and Taylor bunions on both feet. My days were consumed with anti-inflammatory medicines, and flat shoes to ease the pain, anticipating the time when I had to have the dreaded surgery. But, after using Yoga Toes for just three weeks, the pain has subsided and on most days...GONE! Almost three months later, I can walk again with pain medication and have even ventured into wearing my low heels again! Thank you so very much for your product! I recommend Yoga Toes to ALL my friends! You have a customer for life!


Just wanted to let you know that as soon as the YogaToes were delivered, they were on my feet.... after just one hour, I could not believe how good my feet felt. I have a Tailor's Bunion and pain in the balls of my feet and was afraid I had nothing to look forward to except orthotics and possible surgery and that was not what I wanted to look forward to or go through. I am on my feet a lot working different events here in Las Vegas and do not want anything to interfere with that work. The YogaToes are wonderful.....It appears that they are relieving the symptoms of restless leg syndrome as well. Thank you !!!

-Sue from Las Vegas





I have gotten great relief from Yogatoes, with and without the Mini Massagers!! I have hammertoes, bunions and a neuroma, and my feet have gotten a whole lot less painful as a result of Yogatoes.Thank you, and I think your customer service is GREAT!!!! It is rare to even HAVE good customer service these days, so when I encounter it I'm even more appreciative.
Thanks again.

-Jean Gilbert


I was looking for something for my hammer toes and found your site. I knew enough about yoga to know these would be a good investment, so I bought one for every adult in my family (I mean, how do you choose among family when sending them health?) The only person who doesn't like them is my 5-year-old. They're too big for him. I look forward to helping him maintain his foot health rather than reversing years of neglect like the rest of the family.
After 18 months my family reports: -Far less bunion pain and reduction in severity of bunions to the point of total reversal for one (after MANY surgeries... the podiatrist loved our family... until...)
-Relief of painful hip spasm from an old injury.
-Reduction/elimination of hammertoes
-Better circulation especially in my 83-year-old grandmother's feet and legs
-Reduction of knee and hip swelling and pain that was resistant to orthotics AND intense physical therapy. Although it was a significant investment to give to everyone... How could you deprive loved ones of the above results?



After one year of suffering with pain in my left foot -> bunion,hammer toe, and a squashed toe, the yoga toes are relieving my pain. I have seen 3 doctors, had shots and have taken medication. The medication was the only relief I experienced (but with some side effects). at first I had trouble placing the yoga toes on my left foot but when I got it on the relief was incredible. So far the pain has been reduced dramatically. Thank you for a wonderful product!



I just had to let you know, I received my YOGATOES this evening and I am truly amazed. I have a combination of problems with one of my feet. I have a Bunion, which a Podiatrist would not remove last year because it was, (using her words) "not bad enough to remove". Now, it has gotten much worse. I'm have trouble walking, including getting hammer toes, pain in the arch of foot and swelling in the foot by the end of the day. Upon receiving the YogaToes, I put them on. I could not believe how good immediately they made my foot feel. I can't say enough about them. I'm looking forward to wear them as often as possible. Thank you for designing such a terrific product.

-Leora from Sebring, FL


Comments: About 1.5 years ago I discovered YogaToes in a magazine and purchased 3 pair. Because my mother and one of my best friends had developed a bunion on one or both feet, I did not wish for this to happen to me. WELL, I gave each of them a pair, and kept a pair for myself. Can I tell you that both of them have seen an absolute reversal of their "developed" bunions?! Additionally, they have both stated, "I LOVE my Yoga Toes"! So thank you and please note that I use mine on a regular basis so that I do not to develop a bunion and they actually help to releave stress in my feet. Please use me as a reference anytime with this email! Warm Regards.


The women in my family are not blessed with particularly good feet. My problem is Plantar Fascitis and mild bunions. Three years ago, I came across Yoga Toes while looking the Yoga Pro web site. I started using them and gradually was able to build up to 15-20 minutes. My bunions have not gotten any worse and the plantar fascitis rarely flares up. At the end of the day, it feels good to let the feet and toes stretch out. I used the Yoga Toes so much that I wore out one of the toes dividers! Yoga Pro stands by their word and replaces them promptly!!
I look forward to "Happy Feet" for a long time. Thanks so much !!

-H. Cloar


Regular use of YogaToes may resolve and prevent common foot problems like hallux varus and hammer toe.

-Dr. Ben Kim, Ontario, Canada


I have had a hammertoe problem for years and was never able to show my feet outside of the home. I heard about Yoga-toes and decided to give them a try I've been using them for a week now and to my suprise my toes are beginning to straighten out. So I am extremely glad that I found out about this and will be a customer for life. Look out sandals here I come...LOL  



Yoga Toes WORK. Have been using them about 5 wks. & the improvement not only in my hammer toe but both my feet is unbelievable. I wish I had ordered them sooner. Finally decided that it would cost me far more to see a physician who would no doubt suggest surgery. Whoever thought of Yoga Toes deserves a medal of honor. 

-Anne Wilson


I have been using yogatoes for several months. I have hammertoes and neuropathy in my feet from diabetes. I live near the beach and was unable to walk in the sand without wearing shoes because it was very painful. The yogatoes have helped. I am now able to walk on the beach in my bare feet and walk in the shallow water again. I like collecting shells and I now am back at it thanks to yogatoes.  

-Cheryl Little


I had hammertoes on my left foot that were becoming increasingly troublesome...until I started using Yoga Toes! After a couple of weeks I started to notice improvement and now after a year of use it is like having new feet. I wear them an hour a day and will probably never stop using them because they make my feet feel wonderful.



I have had YogaToes for a couple weeks and cannot believe the difference. I have had feet problems for years including hammertoes,burning toes,and aching arches. I finally am getting relief from these problems and now barely think about my feet. My husband also wears the YogaToes and is already noticing a difference in his feet. I find it easy to put on when I start with the little toe and one by one put them on and big toe last.No problem that way. Hoping to completely heal my feet by constant wearing. I usually use them morning, noon, and night.

-Janet Frankar





I'm a cocktail server in Vegas. I have numerous foot problems. And YogaToes definitely make a difference - not only with bunion pain but they're actually great Plantar Fasciitis treatment. I am feeling new circulation where neuroma is present. Thanks for such an awesome product!!!

-Regina, Las Vegas, NV


I bought yoga toes 1-2 years ago and love them. I have/had Plantar Fasciitis and Hammer toes but since using your product both problems are much improved. Yoga toes rock!! 



I have had foot surgery 4 times trying to correct problems with neuromas. I also have Plantar Fasciitis and Hammertoes. This product is great. I've used it for 9 months and I am now running regularly with no pain.

-Sandra M.


I am a long-distance runner and I run between 36 and 46 miles per week. November 2006, after runner a full marathon, I was recovering from a serious bout of Plantar Fasciitis . I was looking for anything (all natural and that would correct it forever) to help heal my bad foot, and straighten my bent (hammertoes) and over crowded toes. As I was pursing through a catalog (The New Yorker) I read an ad for Yoga Toes, next thing I was on the website ordering a set. My wife thought I was crazy! Nonetheless, I started wearing them every night, starting with short periods to now over three hours each and everyday. I (and my wife) are amazed that my plantar fascistic is no longer an issue, my toes are not over crowded, and I have much better circulation. The only thing I wish now is that my bent toes would become straighter. The design of the Yoga Toes is such that they do not fit snug enough to push down or straighten my second and third toes. Therefore, I was wondering what you recommend that I do to accomplish more of a straightening situation... 

-Garth Dahdah






I am now 62 years old. I suffered a stroke as an infant. During my childhood, it was misdiagnosed as a birth defect. The the error wasn't discovered until I was in my mid-50s. I discovered Yoga 3 years later, and made slow but excellent progress in both my balance and flexibility. Two years ago, in my 60th year, I found YogaToes. They have visibly sped up my progress. The same result has followed my use of a YogaHand. In both cases the benefits were apparent within days, and their beneficial impact continues to astound me. I'm so pleased I found your products.


Holy Cow!!! What can I say, other then WOW! I love my YogaHands. From my first time using them they have been nothing but amazing. I am a hardcore athlete, and have been bodybuilding for over 4 years. I know as well as anyone else about putting strain on your hands and fingers. Just a few minutes with my YogaHands after a hard day at the gym and they are relaxed and feel GREAT. Thanks Yoga Pro!



The first time I used YogaHands, I left them on for awhile. When I took it off it was like magic! It made my hands feel so fresh! 



After using YogaHands for a few days, I noticed increased flexibility in my fingers. At first use I could not get the device on all the way and felt an inner pressure, now I can and my joints feel loose. It makes typing on the computer at work even easier. 










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