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Why YogaToes



YogaToes® Toe Separators & Stretchers — It's Yoga For Your Feet!

YogaToes® are amazing. They start changing your feet the moment you put them on. Feet are your foundation—take care of them!

YogaToes® are real foot care. Avoid pain and risky surgeries! This is why the best doctors and podiatrists recommend YogaToes®. 


Bare Feet Are The Best Feet 

Shoes are bad for feet. And we're in them wayyy too much. Robbing us of vital exercise and natural movement we must have to be healthy.

YogaToes® toes separators have changed everything. It's all the goodness of barefoot walking... with your feet up! With YogaToes®, ignored and weak muscles become strong and flexible. And this allows your joints to work as they were meant to. 

Healthy feet are strong, pain-free, and beautiful!


How YogaToes® Work

YogaToes® toe stretchers work by spacing and exercising toes. The patented design fits between, above, and beneath toes. Gently spreading them apart from each other, away from the balls of your feet, AND down from the top. 

Put YogaToes® on. It's your private foot masseur. They do the work. You relax!

Start slowly, only wear YogaToes® for 10-20 minutes a day. If that feels comfortable, gradually work up to wearing YogaToes® one hour per day.




Bunions, Claw and Hammer Toes Treatment

YogaToes® can and do help with specific foot problems, conditions like: bunions (and bunionettes), claw toes, hammer toe, and Plantar Fasciitis. Our toe stretchers work at the root level of all foot ailments. They treat causes, not symptoms.

YogaToes® toe spacers brought a whole new concept to the world: preventative foot health. Foot and toe problems can't be looked at separately. That is why we invented YogaToes®, to exercise and strengthen the entire foot.


Tried, Tested, and Loved!

Yogi gurus, sports stars, stay-at-home dads, police officers, nurses, pop singers… all love YogaToes®. Because YogaToes® work! 

Our USA-made and patented toe stretchers are constantly featured in the media. The Wall Street JournalHealthOprah Magazine

The Australian pop singer Sia is a huge fan of YogaToes®. Ballerinas in The Washington Ballet, too! You’ll see them wearing YogaToes® backstage. And they know what they’re doing…  

Time to try YogaToes®! 










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