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Runners! Keep On Track With YogaToes®


YogaToes® are revolutionary for runners. How come? 

Running puts 3x more pressure on your feet than walking does. To sustain that kind of physics, you gotta keep feet in shape!

And YogaToes® make it easy. In just 20 minutes, your feet can repair and recover. So, your next run... is your best run.

YogaToes® do 4 very important things for runners:

1. Reset and relax toes.

2. Stretch and tone the entire foot (with benefits extending far beyond your foot).

3. Gently align and direct feet back to their optimum shape and function.

4. Accelerate recovery by increasing circulation. 

We care and encourage you to get a head start with these testimonials from runners and marathoners (and many more HERE).

If you have questions, contact us. We can help!



"I am a marathon runner, and I have been struggling with a number of foot-related injuries for the past 6 months. I had Achilles Tendonitis, then Plantar Fascitiis, then Morton's Neuroma, and I essentially have tried everything to get back to running (runners never give up!). From multiple physical therapists to deep tissue massages to months without running, nothing seemed to work. My coworker brought in a pair of YogaToes® for me to try out, and I have been wearing them every day for an hour or 2 for the past 2 weeks, and my feet seem to be completely healed! Running is a huge part of my life, so I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product, and I look forward to using YogaToes® for the rest of my life."

-Emily C., Boston, MA


"Tonight I was inspired to try my YogaToes®. I am giddy that I can now lift my leg to a 90 degree angle, I can lie on my back and put my leg straight up the wall. I assure you, I could not do that an hour ago :) I had Plantar Fasciitis about a year ago. Same story...I suffered for about two days, exercising, stretching, icing, heating, suffering. Then did YogaToes® and walked without incident the next day :) I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!! and will continue to share!!"

-Laura N., Glenwood Springs, CO





"I have been doing yoga for a year and a half, but have been a runner for 22 years. I just received YogaToes® GEMS last week and have been using them every evening. What I noticed on my long run was a LOT LESS fatigue especially when running hills. I really think it is due to using yoga toes. I also noticed that the following day I had no stiffness or soreness in my feet and legs from running. I don't ever remember that being the case. I'm hoping the long term effect is as good as the short term effect."

-Beverly P., West Milford, N.J.


"I recently bought the YogaToes® GEMS after my massage therapist recommended them. I'm a long distance runner (40-45 mpw, and I train for 5K-half marathon) and have had some forefoot pain, especially around my big toe which often feels stiff, especially after runs. Obviously as a runner, I'm pretty picky about things like shoes, socks, and anything foot related because with foot issues, I can't do what I love. The YogaToes® are helping me keep running.

I looked around at the various YogaToes® products and I bought the gems because of the fit. I have super small feet and wear a size ladies 6 shoe, medium width, these YogaToes fit my toes perfectly to stretch them out after runs. They are very flexible so I'm sure they'd fit any size feet.

For the last few weeks, I've been wearing the YogaToes® for about 30 minutes each evening when relaxing, watching TV, using the computer, etc. You can't wear them in shoes, so it's important to wear them when you won't be getting up or walking around much (I can take a few steps in them, but I wouldn't want to wear them for walking any more than that).

I can already tell a big difference when I don't wear the YogaToes® for a few days as I will have foot pain. I highly recommend this product."

-Amy L. 

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