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Sorry! Fake YogaToes Are Not Cool

Beware of The Other Guys. Lots of 'em skimp on material and that de-feets the whole purpose. Flimsy imitation toe stretchers can’t fix your feet. Because they aren't big enough or strong enough to put the right force in the right places.

The Psychology of Imitation? That’s easy. It's all about a fast buck. Not quality. Not you. And definitely not your feet.

Quality Control? Does anyone verify what imitations are actually made of? It’s always a wild card when cutting corners is the mindset. Calling Quality Control in Shenzen won’t work. Only an independent chemical analysis will tell you. Yup!

Reputation Is Everything! And imitators know it. That's why they use ours (illegally, of course, until we stop them). These guys are opportunists, trying to piggyback off our high standards and 13 years of innovative know-how. Make your next step a smart step. Skip the fakes and start out right with authentic YogaToes®!

YogaToes®—Fixing Feet Since 2003. We’re a family business with true roots in yoga. We made the first pair of YogaToes® in 2003 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It took years to perfect them; countless prototypes and materials were tested. Along the way, we received 7 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

An Iconic Brand. YogaToes® are tried, tested, and loved around the world! Made by small town folks with unshakable dedication to helping feet look and perform their best. The caring (and daring!) people who created YogaToes® in 2003 are still the heart and soul of YogaToes® today. Ruggedly reliable customer service comes with every pair.

If you would like to learn more about choosing your YogaToes®, contact us. We can help!




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