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What Makes YogaToes® #1? Here Are 8 Great Reasons


Fact: YogaToes® change feet immediately, and it doesn't stop there. The healing continues through your entire body, making for a life-changing transformation.

Before 2003, there were no YogaToes®—or anyone looking at feet how we do. We recognized that taking proper care of your feet is a necessary part of caring for your body as a whole, and this is a fact that we stuck to. Today, YogaToes® are an icon in the industry. They're the #1 toe separators in the world.


What Makes YogaToes® #1? Here are 8 Great Reasons:


1. Quick Revitalization: YogaToes® bring tired & painful feet back to life.

2. Mobility & Independence: Mobility is freedom, and freedom is everything. After all, nobody wants to end up with restricted movement. YogaToes® ensure quality movement & flexibility for your entire life.

3. Injury Prevention: L.A. Dodgers Head Athletic Trainer, Sue Falsone, recommends that the players wear YogaToes® before and after every practice. It is imperative that professional ball players keep their feet in the best shape possible because lower extremity injuries ruin entire seasons... and careers.

4. Tough Love: No one is harder on their feet than ballerinas. You'll catch Washington Ballet dancers backstage wearing YogaToes® all the time! They know what they're doing...

5. Boosting Performance: Athletes (and amateurs) get more agility and balance with YogaToes®—for pros, it's a secret weapon.

6. The Bunion Buster: YogaToes® are constantly featured in the media. We get testimonials that blow us away: extreme bunions healed, surgeries called off, and chronic foot pain kicked out the door.

7. American & Family-Owned: We started, and have remained, a small family company with roots in yoga. Each pair of YogaToes® is shipped out from our HQ in Dexter, MI.

8. Lasts & Lasts: 100% Certified Medical Grade gel that lasts. Each pair of YogaToes® is Made in the USA under intense quality control. No toxins, no parabens, no heavy metals – only high-quality materials.



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